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"IDF VS CHRISTIANS": Messianic Hananya Naftali sharing Jesus with Israeli Soldiers

IDF VS CHRISTIANS?  For the record, JewishIsrael did not come up with those rather antagonistic headlines.  The popular messianic publication "Israel Today" plastered those words over a screenshot of Christian Messianic Israeli YouTuber Hananya Naftali and his recent clip,…


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Billionaire Temple-Building Bishop to Lay Cornerstone in Jordan Valley

Billionaire Bishop Edir Macedo, head of the Brazilian mega-church Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), will be laying a cornerstone in a ceremony to take place tomorrow, December 17th, at…


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JewishIsrael Alerts the Jewish Media and Community to Israel’s Missionary Crisis

At the end of 2014, JewishIsrael made a strategic decision to take a more pro-active and visible stance in order to get the…


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Jewish Business News Slams Evangelical Publication Israel Today for Deceiving Israelis

Kudos to Tibi Singer, columnist for Jewish Business News, for outing the messianic missionary publication Israel Today and their toxic agenda.

Singer's article,…


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Community Alert: Israeli Grassroots Organizations and Leaders Collaborating with Missionaries Targeting Jews. Focus: Larry Huch and Daystar TV

In recent months, JewishIsrael has met with a number of Jewish community leaders in Israel in an attempt to prevent these leaders’ further collaboration with active missionaries who are operating in the Jewish state.…


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Missionary Mike Evans Launches New Book at Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Pastor Dr. Mike Evans, the celebrated Jewish boy who found christ and went on to convert scores of young Jews to Christianity, recently had yet another book launch at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. …


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Ortiz case wrap-up: Jack Teitel gets two life sentences plus

After being found fit to stand trial, Jack Teitel (Tytell) was convicted of the murder of two Arabs and several other assault charges. He received two life sentences plus 30 years. In addition, Teitel will need to pay compensation to the victims and their families.

Perhaps the most publicized of the attacks…


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Loved to Death: the Fatal Embrace of Ignorance

The following is a guest post by JewishIsrael member Mordechai Yaakov Allen

I remember Donnie. He was one of the kindest, most gentle souls in our small town. And though he was…some say “slow”…he was also one of…


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The Ultimate Desecration of the Torah performed by messianic "Rabbi" Ralph Messer (Warning: Obscene)

Jewish Israel has just posted a video of popular Christian messianic missionary and hebraic roots teacher "Rabbi"Ralph Messer wrapping mega-church leader  Eddie Long in a Torah scroll – which allegedly came…


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David Ha'ivri responds to reports, and so does Jewish Israel

UPDATE: The Jewish Press has now published a Counterpoint oped piece by Jewish Israel's Content and Research Director, Ellen…


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Rabbi Grossman Battles Hagee Affiliated Missionaries

[Prior to issuing this report, Jewish Israel contacted Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman's media spokesperson, Koby Amzaleg. Jewish Israel conveyed to him the concerns we express in this report.  Jewish Israel has the utmost respect for Rabbi Grossman's outstanding…


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Missionary Beckford Found Guilty of Assault

Reports are coming in that Arad missionary Edwin (Eddie) Beckford has…


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