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Nostra Aetate 50th Anniversary Marked by Controversial Vatican and Rabbinic Statements

Two statements, one Papal and one Rabbinic, addressing the status of Christian-Jewish interfaith relations emerged with great fanfare last month, only to cause confusion, denial, debate, and some embarrassment among Catholic and Jewish sources. A number of evangelical leaders also weighed in with critical…


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A Statement by Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold in Response to the CJCUC Initiated "Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity"

"They should say 'nostra maxima culpa' – in plain Hebrew- hatanu - for rushing in where angels fear to tread" ---Rav Joseph B. Soloveitchik


The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC), under the…


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Chief Rabbis Vindicated for Asking Jews to Avoid ICEJ’s 2015 Jesus Worship Feast

"Suddenly, the music swelled again as the worship team led the gathering in a contemporary version of a very ancient creed: 'We believe in the crucifixion; we believe in the virgin birth; we believe in the resurrection, and that He is coming back to earth!'… the worship team kept singing: 'Make me a…


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JewishIsrael Expands its Guidelines to Interfaith Relations with the Christian World

UPDATEDNow Online in Hebrew

Already back in 2008, JewishIsrael…


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Jeremy Gimpel and Hayovel Pray with Convert-the-Jew Pastor Don Finto in Nashville

See in-depth follow-up report by Donny Fuchs, originally published in the the Jewish Press.

On February…


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Something Fishy About the Logo for the "Forum for the Enlistment of the Christian Community"?

Those Jews familiar with historic Christian symbolism may find the letterhead of the "Forum for the…


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When in Jerusalem, Israel's Evangelical Pilgrims Feast, Prey and "Love"

Prior to Sukkot, JewishIsrael reported on the Chief Rabbinate's ban on Jewish participation in a prayer vigil scheduled to be held at the Southern Wall of Har Habayit as part of…


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When Rome Comes to Jerusalem: Papal Visit Causes High Anxiety in Israel

The intensity of the reaction to the current papal visit is likely due to the…


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Is the End Near…For Evangelical Support? Old and New Voices Weigh In

In a spate of recent articles appearing in major Jewish, Christian and mainstream publications, there appears to be a consensus across the political and religious divide acknowledging a significant weakening of…


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Questions Continue to Loom Over Mount Zion as Pope Prepares to Visit Israel

The Pope is coming to town and an historic agreement between Israel and the Vatican seems imminent. Reports and rumors are rife concerning the status of a Catholic shrine (the Cenacle) which…


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Director of Rabbi Riskin's Interfaith Center Appeals for Funding to Build Church in Jerusalem

In January 2013, just prior to Israel's national elections, a controversial video emerged with Bayit Yehudi…


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Evangelicals Bring Texas A&M "Peace University" to Nazareth

Evangelical Texas Governor Rick Perry and Pastor John Hagee have joined forces to bring a branch of Texas A&M University to Nazareth. The "Peace Campus" will work towards fostering better relations between Jews and Arabs and has plans for 5000 students to attend. Most of the funding for the project will be…


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American Jews Disturbed by Missionary Assault, Israelis Think Christian "Love" is Prophetic

Literally within a minute of each other, on this past Erev Sukkot, September 18th, The Times of Israel published two articles about Christian love for the Jewish people that are worlds apart in every sense.

The prophetic hopes of Israel's Rabbi…


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Losing Judaism in the Pursuit of Commonality

When societies strive to create conditions for integration and assimilation, first and foremost on the list is the search for…


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Pastor Hagee on the Roof - Update

Just days before Pesach, Jewish Israel posted a video of Pastor John Hagee hailing Jesus from the rooftop of Aish HaTorah’s World Center, overlooking the Kotel and the Temple Mount in…


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Journalist Giulio Meotti calls for rejection of Judeo-Christian blend

"…Israel’s leaders urgently need to set up a moral platform rejecting the “Judeo-Christian” blend, which theologically fuses Jews and Christians together without protecting the Jewish faith and maintaining Israel as an independent single-faith Jewish community..."


Rabbi Joseph B.…


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Rabbi Riskin OK’s Jews to Enter Churches and Learn

UPDATE: Jewish Israel receives response from the Office of the Chief Rabbinate (June 28th). The letter is…


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Jewish Israel Presentation at the Israel Center

Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold and Jewish Israel present:

"Israel and the Evangelicals: a match NOT made in heaven"

Please join us on Monday April 26th at 7:30pm at the Israel Center in Jerusalem, 22 Keren Hayesod St.

Introductory remarks by Rabbi Sholom Gold, Dean of the…


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Catholic father baptizes Jewish daughter and defies court order

Joseph Reyes and Rebecca Shapiro Reyes of Chicago are embroiled in a highly charged and visible divorce and custody battle which has opened the ultimate interfaith can of worms. The media spotlight is focused on a plethora of divisive issues such as faith, freedom of religion, religious tolerance, separation of church and state, assimilation, conversion, and parental rights. The entire…


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