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JewishIsrael Expands its Guidelines to Interfaith Relations with the Christian World

UPDATEDNow Online in Hebrew

Already back in 2008, JewishIsrael…


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Yehuda Glick Meets with JewishIsrael to Discuss Red Lines in Israel-Christian Relations

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick will receive the "Lion of Zion" Moskowitz Prize for Zionism on Tuesday, May 19. While JewishIsrael has personally expressed reservations to Yehuda regarding his campaign for "equal rights" for all religions…


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OurCrowd Boosts Messianic Christian Movement in Israel

This week from April 27th through May 1st over one hundred Israeli Messianic and Arab-Christian entrepreneurs will be gathered at the…


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JewishIsrael Well-Received in Houston

Billed "Houston we have a problem in Israel", JewishIsrael's Content and Research Director, Ellen Horowitz, visited Houston last November and reported to the Jewish community on the costs evangelical…


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Will the Real “Kishkush” Please Stand Up?

On December 18 2010, Kay Wilson, (also known by her nickname, “KishKush”) and her colleague and friend, Kristine Luken, were brutally attacked by Arab terrorists in a forest near Beit Shemesh in Israel. Luken was butchered to death. Wilson was repeatedly stabbed and lived to tell of the horrors of…


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JewishIsrael Responds to Pastor Robert Stearns' Article in the Jerusalem Post


In his article, “What really Motivates Evangelicals” (Dec. 8, 2014), Pastor Robert Stearns attributes Jewish skepticism toward Evangelicals to Jewish fears of…


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Israel's Chief Rabbis Reaffirm Halacha Prohibiting Interfaith Worship

With throngs of evangelical pilgrims and ministries assembling in Jerusalem to celebrate various Christianized versions of the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles (Sukkot), Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has issued a…


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Christian Missionary Joel Rosenberg and Family Make Aliyah

"First, we are moving to Israel as a family. For the last several years, we have sensed God calling us to immigrate to the land of Israel (to “make Aliyah”) and follow the path of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Based on my Jewish roots on my father’s side, the State of Israel…


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JewishIsrael Gives Presentation at "Cancelled" Counter-Missionary Event

After the Eshel Hashomron Hotel in Ariel unexpectedly cancelled a counter-missionary conference scheduled to take place on September 10th 2014, the organizers of the event did their best to recoup and held the conference in Kiryat Netafim.

Despite the widely publicized…


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Financially Transparent Deception and Honorable Deceit

Michael Decker is an Israeli Evangelical attorney who is a partner in the Israeli law offices of Yehuda Raveh & Co. He also serves as Senior Legal Advisor to the Jerusalem Institute of…


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Community Alert: Israeli Grassroots Organizations and Leaders Collaborating with Missionaries Targeting Jews. Focus: Larry Huch and Daystar TV

In recent months, JewishIsrael has met with a number of Jewish community leaders in Israel in an attempt to prevent these leaders’ further collaboration with active missionaries who are operating in the Jewish state.…


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Rabbi Riskin's Universal Message Used by ICEJ to Promote Jesus and Christian Worship in Jerusalem

Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin, is being used as the primary figure to promote the 2014 International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem (ICEJ) Christian Feast of the Tabernacles.  JewishIsrael has posted the…


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JewishIsrael Reports on the Shomron Advocacy Conference: Attracting or Alienating Jewish Support?

Two months ago in JewishIsrael’s report, Evangelists, Politics and Shomron PR – The Pew of It All, we outlined a number of concerns regarding the November 2013 Shomron Regional…


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This Sunday, on Shalom USA Radio, Jews for Judaism interviews JewishIsrael

This Sunday (Jan 19th), Ruth Guggenheim from Jews for Judaism hosts the Shalom USA Radio Show, and talks with Ira Michaelson, former Hebrew Christian "rabbi" and Avraham Leibler, Administrative Director of 



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George Bush Joins the Lineup of Illustrious Christian "Friends of Israel" Who Support Efforts to Convert Jews

Former President George W. Bush was the featured keynote speaker at this year's Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI) Banquet in Dallas. That organization, headed by "Rabbi"/Pastor Jonathan Bernis, clearly…


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Evangelists, Politics and Shomron PR – The Pew of It All

A rabbi, a Christian missionary and Jewish settler meet in a synagogue for a wine-tasting event, where they raise a glass or two.

The missionary declares: "The Jewish people are the key to lasting peace, but they must first call on jesus and then He will return to the New Jerusalem and then Israel and…


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American Jews Disturbed by Missionary Assault, Israelis Think Christian "Love" is Prophetic

Literally within a minute of each other, on this past Erev Sukkot, September 18th, The Times of Israel published two articles about Christian love for the Jewish people that are worlds apart in every sense.

The prophetic hopes of Israel's Rabbi…


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Eckstein's IFCJ continues to be a source of controversy for Jewish charities: focus on Netanya

Conflicting reports are circulating as to whether or not Netanya's largest charity, Kupat Tzedaka Merkazit, has rejected a 100,000 shekel donation from Yechiel Eckstein's organization, IFCJ (Keren L’Yedidut -The International Fellowship of…


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JewishIsrael's New Year Update 5773

JewishIsrael finished the year with unfinished business in the form of an excess of ongoing and developing reports on an increasingly complex Israel-evangelical relationship.  This new year we plan to complete those reports and to…


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Hey, where's the beef?

Jewish Israel is still here and working hard to keep our readership informed of some very disturbing developments on the Israel-Evangelical front.  We are in the midst of preparing Hebrew and English publications and video materials, as we continue to meet with rabbinic and community leaders. Because…


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