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Pope to get seat over the Tomb of King David

See UPDATED Report: Vatican Radio anticipates Israel relinquishing control of Cenacle Shrine on Mt. Zion

Outgoing Deputy Foreign…


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Loved to Death: the Fatal Embrace of Ignorance

The following is a guest post by JewishIsrael member Mordechai Yaakov Allen

I remember Donnie. He was one of the kindest, most gentle souls in our small town. And though he was…some say “slow”…he was also one of…


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The your people shall be my people consummation and provocation

In Pastor Hagee’s most recent article – which even managed to grace Haaretz…


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The Nation of Israel by Jim Long

Posted by JI member Jim Long

As a Noahide who loves G-d, Torah and the people of Israel, I'm wondering if it isn't time to stop referring to Judaism as a religion.

Consider how often we hear Judaism referenced as one of, "the world's three great religions" and how the…


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Not waiting for Armageddon

"With Orthodox Judaism, deep down inside," says Ray Sanders, the director of Christian Friends of Israel, "there's no love, there's no hope. There's no future." ---JPost Review of Waiting for Armageddon

Well, that rather dismal view of Torah Judaism sounds downright weird coming from folks who look forward to the end of the world and… Continue

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