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Post-modern anti-semitism: proselytizing

Diane Weber Bederman has taken no prisoners in her stark unveiling of the truth published in  CIJ News

Excerpt from Post-modern anti-semitism: proselytizing

"I’m a very sensitive secular Jew…


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OurCrowd Boosts Messianic Christian Movement in Israel

This week from April 27th through May 1st over one hundred Israeli Messianic and Arab-Christian entrepreneurs will be gathered at the…


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Proud Jewish Writers Confront Christian Missionary Challenge

JewishIsrael is pleased to see that a growing number of concerned columnists across the religious and political divide are covering the severity of the missionary problem in Israel. …


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Christian Missionary Joel Rosenberg and Family Make Aliyah

"First, we are moving to Israel as a family. For the last several years, we have sensed God calling us to immigrate to the land of Israel (to “make Aliyah”) and follow the path of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Based on my Jewish roots on my father’s side, the State of Israel…


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Financially Transparent Deception and Honorable Deceit

Michael Decker is an Israeli Evangelical attorney who is a partner in the Israeli law offices of Yehuda Raveh & Co. He also serves as Senior Legal Advisor to the Jerusalem Institute of…


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OurCrowd Is Messing With the Wrong Crowd at Jerusalem Passover Breakfast

At a time when the Jewish state is challenged by boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS), venture capitalist and entrepreneur extraordinaire Jonathan Medved has been doing more than his share to keep the…


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U.S. Christian leader "rabbi" Jamie Cowen establishes messianic law firm in Israel

Infamous U.S. Christian leader "rabbi "Jamie Cowen, who managed to make aliyah in 2011, has changed his name to Cohen and established the messianic law firm…


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Messianic Calev Myers and Likud MK Danny Danon form new Knesset Caucus

(the following editorial piece by Ellen Horowitz, Content and Research Director of, appeared in the December 9, 2011 edition of the…


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Messianic Attorney Calev Myers' speech nixed at Durban 3 Protest

According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), the September 21st Durban 3 protest in New York City against the United Nations drew a crowd of several hundred pro-Israel…


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Jesus Behind Civil Marriage Push in Israel

While using the concepts of "freedom" and "democracy" to undermine the Jewishness of Israel, evangelical attorney Calev Myers and the messianic missionary…


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Review: The good, the bad and the ugly

The Jewish people know that when it comes to fighting the Christian missionary onslaught in Israel, education and public awareness are two very important keys to winning the battle. Unfortunately, evangelical messianic Christians are using the same powerful public relations tools available in Israel - in Hebrew - to confuse and catch Jewish souls. Here's a recent rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly taking place in lecture halls, in print publications, and on…


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Messianics launch asinine crusade to close Yad l’Achim

Honestly, this should have been a Purim Post and will best go down with a good shot of whiskey.

In the name of democracy and religious freedom, the messianic Christian website the Rosh Pina Project is…


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Yad l‘Achim Considers Suing Messianic Attorney Calev Myers

Jewish Israel…


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Evangelical Missionary Building Boon in Jerusalem

Jewish settlements in Judea and Shomron may be frozen, but Christian missionaries are enjoying a real building boon in and around Jerusalem.

Prime property has recently been leased, sold, and permits for expansion granted, to evangelizing ministries and institutions. It should be understood that these buildings are not standard churches used strictly for private worship services. These are evangelistic institutions which place an emphasis on “outreach activities” and… Continue

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Birthright for Jesus? Part One

UPDATE: Robertson Cancels

Moshe has received notification from Rebecca Sugar, Director of Birthright Israel NEXT, NY, that

"Unfortunately, Mr. Robertson had to cancel the event for this week." (received November 16th 2009)

Three weeks ago Jewish Israel member Moshe Verschleisser informed us that Gordon Robertson (Pat’s boy and CEO of CBN) was scheduled to speak at Birthright's educational program, Reunion, in New…


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Calev continues crusade against Orthodox Jews

Messianic attorney Calev Myers is on the rampage again and taking aim, once again, at the Orthodox Jewish community.

Here are some choice excerpts from his recent
Jerusalem Institute of…


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