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Missionaries in Israel

"Messianics" (members of Christian sects feigning Jewish identity to convert Jews) living in Israel: 20,000

Messianic churches and congregations in Israel: 150

Activism: In the field with JewishIsrael

Rabbis Dov Lior and Sholom Gold address evangelical missionary crisis at JewishIsrael event in Hebron …more


JewishIsrael gives presentation at the Israel Center...more

JewishIsrael gives presentation at Jerusalem Rabbinic Conference...more

JewishIsrael gives presentation to AFSI...more

JewishIsrael provides Knesset MKs with significant information on missionaries... more

Christian worship service plans for Orthodox synagogue stopped... more

OU withdraws Evangelical resolution...more

Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehidut break ties with Joel Bell...more

Friends or Foes? You Decide

"Christians need to pray more fervently for the spread of the Gospel among the Jewish people in Israel...We also need to pray for religious liberty there." ---Jim Sibley, Director of Jewish Studies Criswall College, Dallas
"...And the most exciting part is that I am granted an automatic permanent visa in Israel - that's right! CFI is so highly respected by the Israeli government that I am granted automatic visa renewals without any trouble on a permanent status...Now I am watching my dreams unfold before me of being a permanent missionary/volunteer in Israel...This is my highest calling to the people of Israel... that they would know Messiah." ---- from the diary of Erin - a Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) volunteer
"Jews need to begin to cry out for their Messiah...I've met wonderful Jews... here in Jerusalem, who are all saying 'Yes, Jesus you are our Messiah,"
----Pat Robertson at the ICEJ Feast of the Tabernacles
“There are many messianic Jews in Israel right now who are sharing the gospel, and are part of the military, serving with the Israeli Defense Force.”
---Jay Sekulow, Messianic Chief Council for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ),
We cannot help but be missionaries and I have discovered that some Jews despise us if we pretend not to be!"
----David Pawson bible teacher and lecturer for ICEJ
“The on-going and unpredictable violence created a climate of fear in Israel – but at the same time, this climate of fear opened the door for unbelievable evangelism opportunities for our team.” ----Messianic Christian "Rabbi " Scott Sekulow
“ Even though many people are afraid to share the gospel here, I tell you I have never had any problem...we were giving away beautiful posters to the Israeli soldiers at checkpoints ... The Russian Jews are the most open Jewish people group to the gospel on the face of the earth at this moment. The Russians today were begging us for New Testaments … "
----Christine Darg ,Exploits Ministries, Covenant Alliances, in partnership with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus
"Shani and Jim 'Kobi' Ferguson also minister in Israel. This family has begun its own ministry in Jerusalem called YeshuaIsrael to help further the evangelistic thrust into Israel".
----Christ for the Nations, June 2008


Promoting public awareness, networking and activism

Jewish Israel takes a critical look at Israel’s alliances with Fundamentalist Christian groups, and provides a platform for ongoing monitoring and pro-active responses to evangelical missionary campaigns targeting Jews for conversion, Read more

JI Reports on the Israel-Christian Front

JewishIsrael on Voice of Israel Radio

Avraham Leibler and Ellen Horowitz of JewishIsrael appeared on  Voice of Israel Radio's "Jerusalem Diaries" show, with award-winning journalist Judy Lash Balint.

In a short period of time the show, "Throwing Light on Christian Support for Israel", managed to touch upon a number of complex issues...more

JewishIsrael’s Counter-Missionary of the Month Award Goes to Missionary Cody Archer

Cody Archer, a missionary working for Revive Ministries, inadvertently outed his boss, Asher Intrator, as a missionary targeting religious Jews.

Archer sent JewishIsrael an email requesting that we remove the word "missionary" from one of our videos which features Intrater being interviewed by the International Director of ICEJ. JewishIsrael staff responded by asking Archer, " why the panic about the word “missionary”? We received an incredible and revealing response ...more

Jewish Business News Slams Evangelical Publication Israel Today for Deceiving Israelis

Kudos to Tibi Singer, columnist for Jewish Business News, for outing the messianic missionary publication Israel Today and their toxic agenda. Singer's article, "Come To Israel For The Most Virulent, Anti-Rabbinic Videos, In Hebrew", denounces Israel Today (of no affiliation to Israeli newspaper Yisrael Hayom) for promoting "what amounts to an aggressive messianic endeavor, complete with angry attacks on the rabbinic tradition, lies about the content and purpose of Talmudic passages, and open invitations for Jews to convert to Christianity—all of it in fluent, eloquent Hebrew, delivered by two clean cut, bona fide Israeli salesmen."…more

JewishIsrael Responds to Pastor Robert Stearns' Article in the Jerusalem Post

Evangelical Pastor Robert Stearns has a lengthy opinion piece in today’s Jerusalem Post (December 9, 2014) which attributes Jewish skepticism toward Evangelicals to Jewish fears of proselytizing and historic anti-Semitism. The reality is far more complex and Stearns’ missionary agenda was evident at recent events in Jerusalem. JewishIsrael has responded with a letter to the editor.

Community Alert: Christian Evangelicals Offering Shabbat Retreat for Har Nof Orphans

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) , whose core mission is to tell the world that jesus is coming back and to spread that word from Jerusalem, has launched a widely publicized online/email campaign to comfort and support the bereaved families of the Har Nof massacre ...more

When in Jerusalem, Israel's Evangelical Pilgrims Feast, Prey and "Love"

In this Post-Feast report, which includes an extensive and disturbing video sampling, JewishIsrael covers some of the "Christian Zionist" and "interfaith" events and activities that took place in Israel over the recent Jewish holidays. 

JewishIsrael feels that the Chief Rabbinate, which issued a ban on Jewish participation in an ICEJ sponsored prayer vigil last month, was more than justified in its concerns. We ask that our readers please take the time to view the related video clips and excerpts...more

Israel's Chief Rabbis Reaffirm Halacha Prohibiting Interfaith Worship

With throngs of evangelical pilgrims and ministries assembling in Jerusalem to celebrate various Christianized versions of the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles (Sukkot), Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has issued a statement prohibiting Jews from participating in an ICEJ prayer vigil scheduled to take place at the Southern Wall of Har Habayit.

The rabbis and political leaders in the Jewish state are faced with a formidable challenge.  Will they be able to take a wise and firm stand on behalf of the Torah, and uphold the integrity – the sanctity - of Eretz Yisrael without totally alienating visitors of other faiths?...more

Christian Missionary Joel Rosenberg and Family Make Aliyah

Joel Rosenberg, a renowned "end-times" author and missionary, who promotes proselytizing the Jewish people and dedicates resources to targeting Israelis for conversion, has managed to make Aliyah with his family

Rosenberg was able to immigrate to Israel as a practicing Christian missionary via a loophole in Israel's Law of Return. 

Just five months ago JewishIsrael reported that the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin, granted legitimacy to Rosenberg by sharing the podium with him at New York’s West Side Lincoln Square Synagogue in an interfaith theological exchange sponsored by Ohr Torah Stone’s Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation...more

JewishIsrael Gives Presentation at "Cancelled" Counter-Missionary Event

After the Eshel Hashomron Hotel in Ariel unexpectedly cancelled a counter-missionary conference scheduled to take place on September 10th 2014, the organizers of the event did their best to recoup and held the conference in Kiryat Netafim.

Despite the widely publicized cancellation and the controversy that ensued, a diverse and thoughtful audience of rabbis, professors, residents and students attended at the alternative venue...more

UPDATE: The JI presentation can now be viewed on YOUTUBE (in Hebrew)

Tell It to Jackie Mason: Hamas is No Laughing Matter for Some Liberal Jewish Comediennes

There is something significant in the air that has not been detected by conservative Jewish leaders. It seems that the relentless rocket attacks and abominable acts by Hamas have set off a surprising firestorm of protest and activity on behalf of Israel by a number of notable liberal Jews - from Hollywood no less. And a number of those personalities are at the zenith of their careers and have gone out on a limb in voicing support for the Jewish State at this particular time.

It will be a missed opportunity if diehard Jewish conservatives do not take note of a possible awakening, and take time out from the tea party and their twisted affair with evangelicals in order to embrace a moment of commonality with their own people...more

Financially Transparent Deception and Honorable Deceit

Michael Decker is an Israeli Evangelical attorney. Decker and his partner Calev Myers of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) are in the forefront of the battle for messianic aliyah and “Judeo-Christian” rights in Israel. They are among those Evangelicals determined to change the Jewish nature of the State of Israel and the very definition of Judaism. In the name of "civil rights, freedom of religion, and social justice" they regularly offer pro bono advice to those hoping to advance a messianic Christian and missionary agenda in Israel. Most recently Michael Decker provided information in the messianic publication “Israel Today” which paves the road for those missionaries who strive to establish legal non-profit proselytizing entities in the Jewish state…more

Messianic Madness: A New Twist on Anti-Semitism a la Asher Intrater

Certain evangelizing organizations have recently taken their grotesque game of distortion and deception to new depths as they toy with and attempt to commandeer the sensitive topic of anti-Semitism. But missionary Asher Intrater of Revive Ministries may have just broken the absurd-o-meter with a recently published article in Charisma Magazine, “What is the Root of anti-Semitism?”.It goes without saying that Intrater will not win any converts or friends with his outrageous theological acrobatics and revisionism. ...more

Mike Huckabee: Respect and Suspect

For those Israeli activists, politicians and rabbis who were busy cozying up to Mike Huckabee in a no holds barred embrace, respect yet beware of friendly pastors and presidential hopefuls who may love Israel to death.

While JewishIsrael welcomes the friendship, warmth, and moral and political support from Mr. Huckabee, this report documents some good reasons why the order of the day should remain "respect and suspect"…more

Q: Does the Vatican Have a Political Agenda for Israel? A: Is the Pope Catholic?!

In this comprehensive wrap-up of the Pope’s three-day pilgrimage to the “Holy Land”, JewishIsrael explores the Vatican’s politically and theologically loaded agenda for Israel and compares the grim and  alarming assessments of Jewish leaders and columnists with the heady predictions of those involved in interfaith ventures with the Catholic church. Included is an update on the Vatican’s claims of rights to, and historic ownership of, the Upper Room (Cenacle) above the Tomb of King David…more

Is the End Near…For Evangelical Support? Old and New Voices Weigh In

In a spate of recent articles appearing in major Jewish, Christian and mainstream publications, there appears to be a consensus acknowledging a significant weakening of evangelical support for Israel. Christian Zionist leaders are writing about a new and disturbing anti-Israel trend among evangelicals, while Jewish writers across the political and religious divide are warning about the dangers of faith-based alliances with zealous Christians. Is it time for Jewish leadership to switch strategies?...more

OurCrowd Is Messing With the Wrong Crowd at Jerusalem Passover Breakfast

OurCrowd, Jon Medved’s venture capital platform encouraging investment in Israel, is hosting a Passover Breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem. Israeli Attorney Calev Myers is scheduled as the guest speaker. Jon Medved may be unaware that Myers is a messianic Christian leader and an active advocate for messianic Christian rights in Israel.

It is important that Jewish investors and leaders carefully consider the costs involved in giving a messianic leader and activist such as Myers legitimacy, knowing that he has an agenda to establish a serious Christian foothold in Israel and is determined to change the nature of Judaism and the Jewish state...more

Rabbi Riskin and Ohr Torah Stone Host Missionary Joel Rosenberg at New York’s Lincoln Square Synagogue with Shocking Consequences

Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin, recently shared the podium at New York’s West Side Lincoln Square Synagogue with Christian missionary Joel Rosenberg in an interfaith theological exchange sponsored by Ohr Torah Stone’s Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC).

The event was a coup for Rosenberg who openly and enthusiastically supports the proselytizing of Jews.

Even more disturbing is the enormous promotional boost Rabbi Riskin has given to major missionary organizations such as Chosen People Ministries (CPM), which closely rivals Jews for Jesus in the race to convert Jewish souls...more

Community Alert :Israeli Grassroots Organizations and Leaders Collaborating with Missionaries Targeting Jews. Focus: Larry Huch and Daystar TV

In recent months, JewishIsrael has met with a number of Jewish community leaders in Israel in an attempt to prevent these leaders’ further collaboration with active missionaries who are operating in the Jewish state. To their credit, a number of these leaders have cut ties with such problematic missionary entities. Yet others have chosen to disregard JewishIsrael’s concerns...more

Questions Continue to Loom Over Mount Zion as Pope Prepares to Visit Israel

The Pope is coming to town and an historic agreement between Israel and the Vatican seems imminent. Reports and rumors are rife concerning the status of a Catholic shrine (the Cenacle) which sits directly above the traditional Tomb of King David. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Office (PMO) released a statement affirming that Israel will not, despite earlier reports, give away Mount Zion -- including King David's tomb -- to the Vatican.
JewishIsrael hopes that the government denials of relinquishing land and control do not amount to red herrings, as there remain unanswered questions regarding numerous reports that the Franciscans will be granted "administrative control" of the Cenacle including the rights to hold regular Catholic Mass above the Tomb of King David...more

JewishIsrael Reports on the Shomron Advocacy Conference: Attracting or Alienating Jewish Support?

Two months ago in JewishIsrael’s report, Evangelists, Politics and Shomron PR – The Pew of It All, we outlined a number of concerns regarding the November 2013 Shomron Regional Council's Israel advocacy conference in New York.
Representatives from JewishIsrael attended the conference and this report is based on their observations...more


Tourism Minister Uzi Landau Denies Having Endorsed Jesus Statue for Nazareth's Mount Precipice

This is a continuing update to JewishIsrael’s report of December 22nd, "Cast a Giant Jesus over Israel". JewishIsrael's Rabbinic Director Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold met with Tourism Minister Uzi Landau. At the meeting Landau was emphatic in his denial of having ever endorsed such a project. Landau personally told Rabbi Gold that such a project "will never happen". MK Moshe Feilgin also contacted JewishIsrael after speaking with Landau…more



Café Forte and the Missionary Kashrut Controversy  see UPDATE

In addition to its offices and numerous shops, Mercaz Clal on Jerusalem's Jaffa Street serves as a sort of "messianic central" with a very active, top to bottom Christian missionary presence under the auspices of King Of Kings Community (KKCJ). But the location recently became somewhat like "comedy central" when a member of the staff of the KKCJ affiliated Café Forte, allegedly tried to missionize the restaurant’s kashrut supervisor. This activity reportedly resulted in the withdrawal of the Rabbinate's kashrut certification from the premises.

Café Forte may be a new venture but new testaments and proselytizing over coffee at the Clal Center are an old story. JewishIsrael has an update that takes some very intriguing twists and turns...more


George Bush Joins the Lineup of Illustrious Christian "Friends of Israel" Who Support Efforts to Convert Jews

Former President George W. Bush was the featured keynote speaker at this year's Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI) Banquet in Dallas. That organization, headed by "Rabbi"/Pastor Jonathan Bernis, clearly proclaims their vision and mission to convert Jews to Christianity.
While the Bush appearance at the 2013 MJBI Banquet made a lot of waves, what is not widely known is that in recent years some of Israel's "best friends" have been the stars at these very same annual MJBI banquets...more


Evangelists, Politics and Shomron PR – The Pew of It All

The Shomron Regional Council's Israel Advocacy Conference and Wine Tasting Reception will take place in New York on November 17th. Everybody knows that Israel is in need of good hasbara. JewishIsrael understands that nobody needs or deserves it more than the farmers and residents living in Yehuda and Shomron. BUT the evangelical personalities featured on the flyers and in PR reports, and their agendas, raise serious concerns.
JewishIsrael outlines some of the pitfalls and offers some suggestions…more


JewishIsrael Responds to Rav Eliezer Melamed's View of the Christian Role in Prophecy (Part 1)

In part one of JewishIsrael's rebuttal to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed’s article,"Christians Fulfilling the Prophecy of Isaiah", we challenge his perception of Christian love for  "God's Chosen People".

Indicative of the misreading of the situation was Rabbi Melamed's and the Shomron Regional Council's hosting and promoting of a Mega-Church leader who teaches Replacement Theology to millions of evangelical followers (it becomes downright embarrassing).

As this full report unfolds, it will draw attention to practical, spiritual and ethical problems, as well as to a lack of appropriate caution being exercised among those who are advising Rabbi Melamed on Jewish-Christian relations. Part 2 of this report will challenge Rabbi Melamed's view of Tommy Waller and Hayovel Ministries, and will expose Hayovel's past and present missionary agenda...more


Director of Rabbi Riskin's Interfaith Center Appeals for Funding to Build Church in Jerusalem

David Nekrutman, executive director of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC), located in Efrat, has made an urgent appeal for funding to establish a church in Jerusalem.
The obvious question which comes to mind to Torah observant Jews is why in the world would an organization founded and directed by the Chief Rabbi of Efrat and staffed by Orthodox Jews enter into the church-building business?...more

Journalist Judy Lash Balint Cuts Through the Fluff on Evangelist Mike Evans
When evangelist Mike Evans' Jerusalem Prayer Team Weekly Update proclaimed, "Bomb Shelter at Righteous Gentile Heritage Center Gets National Recognition", he surely didn't expect journalist Judy Lash Balint's account of the grand opening of the shelter, which was published in the Times of Israel, under the headline "Christian love: Buying their way into Jerusalem". In addition to an accurate account, and photos of the event, Balint did the unexpected – she penned the truth about missionary Mike Evans...more


A JewishIsrael Statement of Concern: Regarding Rav Melamed's Position in Support of Messianic Christian Volunteers

On Thursday, October 10th, 2013, JewishIsrael board members met in Har Bracha with a representative, whom Rabbi Melamed assigned the task of meeting with JewishIsrael and listening to what we had to say. The meeting lasted for over an hour, during which time JewishIsrael gave a presentation of what we viewed as the problems caused by the deployment of Hayovel Ministries’ volunteers in Israel...more


"Jumping the Geula Gun" - a Response by Rabbi Sholom Gold to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed

JewishIsrael’s Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Sholom Gold, responds to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed's article, "Christians Fulfilling the Prophecy of Isaiah":
"It is crucial at this time that such rabbis stop hosting and promoting those messianic driven Christian ministries and individuals who are determined to destroy the theological boundaries between Judaism and Christianity. The rabbis involved are accomplishing nothing less than contributing to, inspiring, and establishing a first century type Christian Restoration cult in Eretz Yisrael."..more


Shomron Leaders Court Christian Missionaries Who Target Jews for Conversion

Official fundraising bodies for the Shomron Regional Council, such as Shuva Israel, as well as private charitable endeavors, like the Shiloh Children's Fund, regularly solicit and encourage some of the very same evangelical organizations which are actively engaged in missionary activities in Israel and involved in efforts to proselytize Israel's most vulnerable sectors.

Under the circumstances, "shmad" would not be an incorrect term to use for what is being allowed to occur in Israel. It is most tragic that Torah observant leadership in Israel has unabashedly chosen to partner with and embrace those who are determined to draw Jews away from their faith…more

U.S. Christian leader "rabbi" Jamie Cowen establishes messianic law firm in Israel
Infamous U.S. Christian leader "rabbi "Jamie Cowen, who managed to make aliyah, has changed his name to Cohen and established the messianic law firm Cohen, Pex and Brosh. The firm is the latest of a growing number of legal organizations meeting the demands of evangelizing Christians who are looking to establish a foothold in the Jewish state. JewishIsrael contacted professionals working in the counter-missionary field who are familiar with Jamie Cowen and his activities. We received a concerned and immediate response. On the eve of Tisha b'Av 5773, Cowen's messianic deception and ability to breach Israel's gates as a "friend and lover" should jar the Jewish soul…more


The Religious Freedom Follies: State Department levels accusations at Israel

The U.S. State Department has released its annual International Religious Freedom Report. The Jewish state fell short of the standards that have been set by America, an overwhelmingly Christian nation.  Israel didn't make the grade when it came to accepting "messianic Jews", welcoming missionaries and embracing proselytizing.
According to the report, the population of "Messianic Jews" in Israel has apparently taken a quantum leap over the past three years – growing from 10,000 adherents in 2009 to 20,000 in 2012. JewishIsrael reviews this State Department report and takes a look at those intriguing demographics...more


MISSIONARY ALERT: Chosen People Ministries targets Israelis for conversion (Part1)
Chosen People Ministries (CPM) is a large, international Christian missionary organization whose stated purpose is to evangelize Jews. CPM has a growing network of missionary centers in Israel and currently runs evangelistic activities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ariel, Netanya and Sderot. In recent years CPM's missionary teams have been reaching out to very young Jewish children in Israeli orphanages - taking them to messianic venues and attempting to establish long-term relationships with them. more…


The Day Jimmy Carter Saved the Jews from Mike Evans

Jewishisrael is no friend of Jimmy Carter. Yet in the aftermath of this month's brouhaha over the incongruous decision by the editors of Cardoza Law School’s Journal of Conflict Resolution to honor the former president, JewishIsrael felt it timely to recount an episode also plagued with absurdity which still has serious repercussions for both Israeli and Diaspora Jewry.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter, under pressure from the American Jewish community, intervened to save countless numbers of Jewish youth from Christian missionary Mike Evans, who was effectively working to "save" [sic] as many young Jewish souls as possible.
This report is no parody, but it is a terrible paradox, as both Evans and Carter have caused irreparable damage to Am Yisrael, but now find themselves being acclaimed by leading American Jewish and Israeli institutions. How the Jewish community got to this absurd juncture is worth exploration…more


Reflections on Michael Freund's article on Christians and Repentance
"When Christians Repent", is an article by Michael Freund, currently featured on Aish HaTorah’s website. The article also appeared in the Jerusalem Post. With all due respect to Mr. Freund and the extraordinary work that he does, Jewishisrael has repeatedly taken issue with his unreserved approach to embracing evangelical Christians. We again feel Mr. Freund has missed the mark, as it is neither anti -Semitism, replacement theology, or missionary activity which is the primary reason for Jews maintaining a respectful and necessary distance from zealous Christians. JewishIsrael takes a profound look at the issue …more


Eckstein's IFCJ continues to be a source of controversy for Jewish Charities : focus on Netanya
Conflicting reports have appeared in the Jewish Press as to whether or not Netanya's largest charity, Kupat Tzedaka Merkazit, has rejected a 100,000 shekel donation from Yechiel Eckstein's organization, IFCJ (Keren L’Yedidut -The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews). Jewishisrael investigated to get the real the story. In addition, we explore why Eckstein's approach to fundraising and his methods continue to cause discomfort among Jews across the religious and political spectrum.
And yes, it seems rabbis and community leaders in Netanya have good reason to be suspect of Christian generosity….more


Rabbinic Committee Formulates Policy Regarding the Acceptance of Assistance from Christian Sources
A document of principles regarding the acceptance of monetary and manpower assistance from Christian organizations or individuals has been formulated by the Committee of Binyamin Region Rabbis. The halachic document which can be read here in Hebrew should be reviewed by any Jew in Israel who is involved in any way with Christian sources. It is very thorough, clear, and addresses many of the concerns which JewishIsrael has brought to the attention of the public over the years. The document enjoys the endorsement of an impressive list of prominent rabbinic leaders in Israel…more



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